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Wellness Package

1.5 hr - $80

Rest and rejuvenate your body with our 90-minute wellness package.  Begin your experience with a massage in our 4D Massage Chair, and warm up in the infrared sauna.  Next, rebuild collagen in the joints, increase circulation and oxygen flow through infrared light in the Cocoon Wellness Pod.  Complete your rejuvenation with an Ionic Foot Detox.  

Power Recovery

3 hr - $275

Whether it is athletics or a night out, this package is the perfect solution to fatigue, aches and pains to get yourself back to 100%.  This package includes. a 500 ml Reboot/Hangover IV Infusion to hydrate the body and restore all essential vitamins and minerals as well as kick nausea to the curb with the anti-nausea medication.  A Cryotonic wrap is applied to your legs to alleviate fatigue and aches with the power of menthol.  This tingly, cool rescue immediately makes the legs feel lighter and helps to speed up recovery time.  Rejuvenate the body with a full Wellness Package after your treatment.

Complete Detox

1.5 hr - $125

A complete detox of the body begins by being nestled between two heated blankets to encourage sweating during your Mud Detox Body Wrap.  Your skin will thank you as it absorbs the active ingredients in the mud to promote detoxing.  After a refreshing shower, a moisturizer is applied to your newly purified body.  You are then accompanied across the hall to the Cocoon Wellness Pod to further detox and relax the body.  You end your session with an Ionic Foot Detox.

The Royal Treatment

2.5 hr - $250

Treat yourself like the Queen you are by enjoying a body scrub accompanied by a self heating mud treatment along the spine and a Signature Soothing Facial followed by a 60 minute massage.  After your massage you will enjoy the Cocoon Wellness Pod for full body red light therapy and relaxation.  This package is truly the Royal Treatment you deserve.

Mind, Body, Soul

1.5 hr - $100

Relax, restore and reconnect with yourself by enjoying the finest of our wellness services.  Reconnect with your higher self with a 30 minute Reiki Healing, restore your body with a 30 min Reflexology session and finish with a 30 minute massage to relax the body.

Acne Control

1 hr - $75

Take control of acne with our proven facial treatment that addresses the major symptoms of acne to help purify and normalize the complexion.  The facial is followed by light therapy to help increase blood flow to the skin and promote healing and rejuvenation.  Your Aesthetician will curate a skin care regimen for you to help continue treatment at home.  All products recommended by your Aesthetician will be 10% off.


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