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Keeping up with Tammy


Our fearless leader and owner of Enliven MedSpa, Tammy Sevals, has taken a small step back from the spa to continue to spread love and light throughout the world.  

Although she may not be at the spa as often as before, she is still busier than ever.  Keep up with Tammy as she continues her journey of healing and helping others heal through her book, podcasts, distance healings and so much more.

The Book of Love and Light & Healing Trauma

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Tammy Robinson, a hopeless woman that understood something clearly(I saw the light) at last. I have had many people tell me multiple times, “Dang you should write a book!” Here it is in proper authentic raw form. God’s love and light have become my best friends, and the knowingness that I have now has helped me heal in a way I never would have imagined was possible. This gift has opened the door to show others that hope is real. I will never take this for granted or forget where I was and where I am today. I hear the most broken people make the best healers; that is why I assume I was chosen to go through the trauma and become a healer - to show others the way when they have lost theirs in the dark. This is the story of my healing journey and how my relationship with God became so powerful. Funny how everything must change for everything to change!

Signed copies are available for purchase at Enliven MedSpa

Tammy's Podcasts

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Stepping Into the Light with Tammy and Dave

Sharing stories of healing and giving people hope.

Spiritual Support with
Tammy and Natalie

In this podcast we created a place where you can gain access to insights and support that are not of the main stream. We discuss all topics spirituality, mental health, societal constructs, and how to free yourself from a paradigm that no longer makes sense. We will cover aspects of how to bring true healing into your world along with relatable stories from people of all different backgrounds. Not only will we dive into the raw and vulnerable aspects of life but we will also create a space where you can finally understand that you are not alone.

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Long Distance Healings

Energy knows no boundaries.  Healing can be done over any distance.  Our Reiki Master, Tammy, is able to give you a beautiful healing from anywhere in the world.

Call or Text
to book your distance healing with Tammy

Healy Frequency

Tammy has been introduced to Healy Frequency and cannot sing its praises enough.  This program uses the science of frequency to help promote balance,  confidence and overall wellness.


Click here to learn more about Healy!


Sweatshirts are available at the spa

Be sure to tell them Tammy sent you!


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