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Enliven is proud to present the newest additions to our services.   

Our Services

Enliven MedSpa is the areas premier CoolSculpting Elite Provider.  Freeze away fat with science and Enliven MedSpa.

Semaglutide with Dr. Ulland

Pricing Options

Package of 4

Step 1 - $200

Step 2 - $300

Step 3 -  $400

Step 4 - $500

Step 5 - $600

All Semaglutide clients are required to meet with Dr. Ulland for an initial consultation before treatment to ensure this treatment is right for you.  Clients are then required to have follow-up appointments to check weight and how the treatment is working.

Initial Consultation - $200
Follow-up Appointment - $100


Acne Facial | 60 min | $70

The proven facial treatment addresses the major symptoms of acne to help purify and normalize the complexion.

Eye Rejuvenation| 60 min | $50

This specialized treatment includes double brush & manual three-phase massage on the eye zone with sea retinol for a wrinkle smoothing effect.

Hydro Facial| 60 min | $100

A gentle procedure which is highly successful in cleansing skin, exfoliating dead skin cells, extraction, hydration, and providing a plumping, anti-aging effect.

Anti-Aging Facial | 60 min | $125

Fade age spots, sun damage, and malasma while smoothing and plumping wrinkles with this renewing, brightening, and anti-aging facial.

Hydration Facial| 60 min | $85

Restore your complexion's perfect hydration levels with this multi-sensory facial that pairs high-performance organic marine ingredients with a relaxing massage of the face, neck, shoulders and décolleté to leave your skin plumped, revitalized and more.

Salt Facial| 60 min | $200

All natural sea salt resurfacing to balance & prepare the skin, Aesthetic ultrasound to nourish the skin and increase circulation, and High powered, hands-free LED phototherapy for an instant glow. Click here to learn more.

Soothing Facial| 60 min | $80

Flushed, blotchy complexions in need of calming will sigh with relief during this soothing facial.  It reduces redness by strengthening the circulation in the skin. 

*Indicates one of our Signature Phytomer Facials

Facial Add-ons

Eye Enhancement | $20

A cool, firming plasticizing mask applied to the eyes delivers marine nutrients to brighten the eyes and boost vitamin C in the skin for multi-faceted improvement of the delicate eye issue

Lip Treatment | $15

Our lip treatment is the perfect remedy for dry, chapped lips and is ideal to help combat the signs of aging around the mouth.

LED Light Therapy | $10

Uses medical grade technology to increase blood flow in the skin to promote healing and rejuvenation.  Can also be used to treat acne.  This is a great add to any facial.

Self Heating Mud Therapy | $20

At the start of the facial, recline onto a compress of self-heating, therapeutic mud that effervesces like champagne to melt tight muscles in the back throughout the facial.

Essential Skin Care

Chemical Peel | 45 min | Starts at $150

SkinMedica Vitalize Peel helps fight the effects of time, sun damage, and environmental assaults.  This powerful yet non-damaging peel can take years off aging skin.

Deluxe Dermaplane | 45 min | $70

Our Deluxe Dermaplane includes dermaplane along with a customized mask and light therapy to fit your skin's needs.

Dermaplane | 30 min | $50

An exfoliating blade is used to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face.  This procedure aims to make your skin's surface smooth, youthful, and radiant.

MicroNeedling | 60 min | $225

A dermaroller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin to promote the generation of new collagen, which creates smoother, firmer more toned skin

Plasma Pen | 120 min | Starts at $200

Non-invasive, skin lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation procedure used to treat wrinkles, skin tags and sagging skin.

Bonus Beauty Treatments

Spray Tan | 30 min | $30

Get the even glow you're looking for with our spray tan.

Teeth Whitening | 60 min | $100

Quickly and effectively whiten your smile with this gentle and easy procedure.

Waxing | Starts at $13

Brows, Lip/Chin, Back, Legs, Pits and Chest

Gentle Max Laser Pro

Broken Capillaries | Starts at $150

Laser Hair Removal | Starts at $125

Sun Spot Removal | Starts at $150

Lashes & Brows

Brow Lamination | 60 min | $75

Brow lamination takes your unruly or thinning brow hair and smooths it out while also lifting the hair ina more vertical direction.

Lash Extension Fill | 90 min | $45

2-week maintenance for your extensions.

Lash Extension Removal | 30 min | $25

Thorough removal of extensions.

Lash Extensions-Full Set | 150 min | $150

Eyelash extensions take your overall charm to a whole new level, making your lashes even more beautiful, fuller, darker and thicker 24/7.

Lash Extension Mini-Fill | 75 min | $35

7-10 day maintenance for extensions

Lash Lift & Tint | 75 min | $75

Treatment involves two separate processes, both designed to give you beautiful, fluttery eyelashes.  Lash lift make lashes bend upwards and a lash tint is similar to applying several coats of mascara.

Injection Services

Wrinkle Relaxers/Fillers

Botox | $12/unit
Jeuveau | $12/unit
Filler (full syringe) | $700
Fill (half syringe | $400

Vitamin Injections

Energy Boost B12 | $30
Lipo-Slim | $50
Vitamin D | $30

IV Infusions

Myers Cocktail | 60 min | $150

The Myers Cocktail IV treatments contains Magnesium Chloride to help reduce fatigue and improve immunity, B-Complex Vitamins to keep skin and blood cells healthy, Hydroxo B12 treats low levels of B12 in the body, Calcium Gluconate for healthy ones and muscles and Ascorbic Acid/Vitamin C is an active antioxidant.

Alleviate IV| 60 min | $150

AKA the PMS drip: Minimize bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort and lower back pain with this calcium and magnesium rich iv drip

Just Fluids | 60 min | $75

This IV is a simple saline solution to give you a burst of hydration.

Body Care

Cryotonic Leg Revival | 60 min | $85

This Phytomer blend is focused on the legs.  This treatment will help alleviate fatigue and aches with the power of menthol.  This tingly cool rescue immediately makes the legs feel lighter and helps to speed up recovery time.

Sculpt Zone Body Treatment | 60 min | $115

Phytomer's patented oxido-reduction cellulite mask has a direct action on dimpled skin and the appearance of cellulite.  The self heating thermo-reducing clay mask encourages fat breakdown and elimination.  After a shower, a contouring serum is applied in specific sculpting movements to promote drainage of toxins and the break down of fat.

Mud Detox Body Wrap | 60 min | $100

A regular systematic detoxification is important for everyone in order to keep the body running smoothly.  The skin will absorb and active ingredients to promote detoxing with the help of a heated blanket to increase perspiration.  After a refreshing shower, a moisturizer is applied to your newly purified body

Silky-Exfoliating Body Scrub | 60 min | $70

Perfectly silky skin is created with a combination of black sand, pumice stone, digestive papaya enzymes and glycolic acid.  Once the body is massaged with this complexion enhancing blend a final Olecreme body milk is applied the entire body for the quenched, smoothed skin

Body Care Add-Ons

Self-Heating Mud on Spine | $20
Self-Heating Mud on Feet | $20

Body Scrub added to any Body Wrap | $50

Wellness Services

4D Massage Chair | 15 min | $15
30 min | $20

A 4D massage chair uses multi-directional rollers and speed adjustments to mimic the hands of a professional masseuse

Infrared Sauna | 30 min | $15

Feel relaxed and rested, relieve sore muscles, improve circulation, tone skin, detoxify, and improve your overall health and well-being.

Cocoon Wellness Pod | 25 min | $25

A luxurious, full body powered massage system with dry infrared heat ergonomically situated within a pod of thermal active energy.

Ionic Foot Detox | 30 min | $30

Remove unwanted toxins from your body. The ions in the foot bath hold a charge that enables them to bind to any heavy metals and toxins in your body.  This allows the toxins to be pulled out through the bottoms of your feet.

Therapeutic Mineral Foot Soak | 15 min | $20

Enjoy a mineral foot soak like none other.  We use our Phytomer Oligipur sea water mineral bath to rapidly distribute minerals into your skin, tissue and muscles.

Healing Services

Acupuncture, Cupping & Tunia | Prices Vary

Maintain your health and boost your energy with the help of our highly-trained acupuncturist.

Reflexology | 60 min | $65

Alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, headaches, and more with reflexology.

Reiki Energy Healing
30 min | $45 - 60 min | $80

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing.  Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing to transfer healing enery.

Distance Reiki Energy Healing | 60 min | $100

Energy knows no boundaries.  Healing can be done over any distance.  Our Reiki Master, Tammy, is able to give you a beautiful healing from anywhere in the world.

Nail Services

Acrylic Services

Full Set - Short | $65
Full Set - Medium | $70
Full Set - Long | $75
Acrylic Fill | $60+

Pedicure Services

Basic Pedicure | $45
Spa Pedicure | $70

Gel Services

Basic Gel Manicure | $40
Structure Gen Manicure | $45
Gel Removal, Cuticle Care & Buff | $20


Acrylic Reshape | $5
Nail Art | $2.50+ per nail
Nail Replacement/Fix | $5+

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